Programs Overview

Kirkbride Center provides a comprehensive range of behavioral health services across a spectrum of residential treatment settings. Our programs include detoxification, treatment for addiction, co-occurring disorders, as well as gender specific trauma survivors. 

Throughout a  stay at Kirkbride, our skilled, multidisciplinary team works to evaluate strengths, needs and challenges, and to identify obstacles to success. Using evidence based assessment tools, our evaluations and treatments — along with the patient’s  response — we form a plan for life after discharge. We work hand-in-hand with the patient  to develop this plan, which includes community resources to ensure the greatest opportunities for continued success.  

All Kirkbride programs and services are designed to promote recovery by helping to restore  the patient’s belief and investment in a healthy, productive future. With skilled and dedicated staff, research-based therapies and a supportive environment,  each patient will find the help he or she  needs.